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Brad, BS, LPTA

Wanted to express my thanks to the team of Mr. Tomlinson and Mr. Anderson at TBI for making the CCW class such a great experience.  The environment was relaxed, which really promoted interaction between the instructors and students.  I was able to ask questions regarding any of the covered material without feeling like I was slowing down the class or interrupting the learning process.  I think my greatest compliment would be the fact the instructors stressed gun safety during our in-class discussions and continued to stress the need for safety as we tested at the range.  You can definitely tell that they wanted us to learn every detail related to storage, law concerns, and overall safety to ensure that we present as good and qualified citizens who hold a conceal and carry license.  Thank you !



Awesome Class. Instructors took time out with each student to insure complete understanding. I would recommend TBI to anyone interested in Firearm Safety 



This was the first time I handled a firearm and Duby and Tony made it very easy. I really enjoy how TBI treats you as family. I have been on the range with them on with 2 other classes. 

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